Today’s Tip: The Aggravated Felony and Immigration

An “aggravated felony” conviction can be a lifetime bar to almost all forms of immigration relief. Under United States immigration laws, an aggravated felony is the highest form of criminal charge one can face and can make any non-citizen deportable, even one with legal status. Even more troubling, a crime classified as a misdemeanor under state law could be considered an aggravated felony under immigration law. Today’s tip explains a certain type of aggravated felony and how to handle those situations to avoid immigration consequences. Under the large umbrella of aggravated felonies, the Immigration Nationality Act sub-divides crimes into multiple categories. One category is termed “crimes of violence.” These usually include assaults Continue Reading

Tough On Crime Should Not Be a Judicial Temperament

America is a Country of ideas. Obviously, not all of us share the same ideas or the same ideals. It’s okay, though. Our antecedents have been negotiating the inherent tension that exists between those who see the world through different eyes since the founding of this great Republic. We might not always agree, but we […]

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Lean on Me

Lean on Me I have a friend we can call Kevin. Kevin and I are pretty similar. We are both criminal defense attorneys. We are both former prosecutors. We are both fathers. We are both recently divorced. I wouldn’t say he and I are great friends, but I’ve known him a long time. I handled […]

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An open letter to the new District Attorney

Dear Ms. Ogg, You will be getting a great deal of advice in this month and the next. Some of it you will welcome. Some you will wish had not been offered. The following is a request, from someone who has labored in our local factory of injustice for over twenty years. Read it, ignore […]

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Mid-Holiday Musings: Unsocial Media, Gift Horses, and Poor Judgment

The holidays are a mixed bag at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center. By the Time November rolls around, everyone is exhausted – judges, court staff, DA’s, defense lawyers – and ready for a break from the soul-sucking grind of dealing with the business of human depravity. It is the only time of year the […]

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