What’s The Problem With Pre-Trial Interventions?

As I keep progressing in my legal career, certain things that District Attorneys do continue to confound and bewilder me. This week, it was the seeming reluctance of ADA’s to allow me to put together pre-trial intervention packets for clients, because of very minor past charges that clients had on their record. For example, I was denied the opportunity to put together a PTI packet for a client who was suspected of DWI, because she had a marijuana possession charge. While the rules on PTI state that they’re for people with “clean” records, why is this the case? Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a defense attorney, but I believe in keeping people’s criminal records as clean as possible. ADA’s don’t seem to understand how hard it is for some people Continue Reading

Always Talk To Mama

I was recently appointed to represent a young man we can call Andrew. He was charged with a violent felony offense and has been convicted of several prior violent felony offenses. Andrew has been in prison or in custody for most of the past nine years. When I first met him, Andrew was very angry. […]

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Ask Allison: October 19, 2016

Dear Allison, I need tips to stop being such a sore loser. Love, Sour Samantha   Dear and Gentle Samantha, I want to be honest with you, Samantha, because you are me. I needed to hear the answer to this question, and so I let my inner-Samantha ask it. Dear Reader, you are my heart, […]

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Divided We Fall: How Anger Has Become The National Emotion

Despite my best efforts to stay away from politics I find I am unable to pull myself out of the fray. I watched a video the other day of an elderly man in Henderson, Nevada, a suburb located a few miles south of Las Vegas, confront a group of Hispanic construction workers and berate them, […]

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Ask Allison: October 12, 2016

Dear Allison, I am scared of going to trial. I haven’t admitted this out loud to anyone yet, but I’m absolutely petrified that I am going to have to actually go to trial one of these days. I’ve been practicing for a couple of years, and I thought it was coming, but it hasn’t yet, […]

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