Reasonable Doubt (RD) made its debut in 1998 with host and creator Dan Gerson. With only four to five channels available to the public, Gerson thought a show dedicated to the issues in the criminal justice community would help create a dialogue within the community. “We thought we would have an impact because we knew the judges and prosecutors would watch it and would put some pressure on the judges and prosecutors,” Gerson said. Gerson hosted the show for almost half a decade before passing the hosting duties to host Cynthia Henley. Past hosts of RD include Robert Fickman, Todd Dupont, and Murray Newman.

The weekly show was first broadcast at the Houston Public Access station located at the Hawthorne Mansion on Thursdays. RD has continued to occupy that time slot for nearly 20 years.

In the Summer of 2014, RD got a reboot with a new look and hosts. The production team wanted the show to educate the public of the issues involving prisoner rights, prosecutorial misconduct, and other issues affecting the criminal justice community. RD is sponsored by the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association (HCCLA).

Thuy Le (Producer)
Thuy is part of the team that helped to create a new look and format for RD in 2014. She received her law degree from Syracuse University and undergraduate degree from Emerson College in Boston. Although she has lived in numerous cities, and travelled to more than 40 countries and almost all 50 states, Thuy’s heart is in Houston. She spends most of her time being a “Tiger Aunt” to her nieces and nephews. She also has two pitties, Odie and Sandy, that keep her from getting out of bed too early on weekends. Thuy has a weekly radio program on criminal law on Radio Saigon.


Julio “JV” Vela (Producer/Host)
Julio is part of the team that brought RD to the new millennium with a new look and format and became co host in September 2015. Julio is originally from the Rio Grande Valley area. He received his law degree from South Texas College of Law, his LLM from the University of Houston, and his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas. He is a proud father to two boys and can be found most days in the courthouse mentoring new attorneys on how to be confident in the courtroom. He was recently voted by an informal poll of prosecutors as one of the most handsome defense attorneys in the criminal courthouse.


Jimmy Ardoin (Host)
Jimmy joined RD as a host in the Fall of 2014. Jimmy received his law degree from South Texas College of Law and undergraduate degree from the University of Texas. He started his career as a defense attorney being mentored by famed criminal defense attorney Dan Cogdell. Jimmy mainly practices in federal court where he defends people accused of white collar crimes. When he’s not spending time in the courtroom, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son and watching Texas Longhorn football.


Justin C. Harris (Sound Designer)
Justin joined RD in the Fall of 2014 making sure that the guests and hosts sound great on air. Justin received his law degree from South Texas College of Law and his undergraduate degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. Justin is a native Houstonian and moved to Magnolia, Texas shortly before going to college. Justin enjoys playing the guitar, attending live music events, traveling, and spending time with his dog, Scout.