This Week: February 25, 2016

Two unexpected weeks off the air and so much has happened. The court ordered “safety zones” in Harris County are back in the news as the District and County Attorney’s offices are seeking a civil injunction to preclude about 100 alleged gang members from entering the Southlawn community. Many community activists and defense lawyers have condemned this practice as a violation of constitutional rights of dozens of black men. On the other side, government leaders have hailed these injunctions as a tremendous success in cleaning up crime ridden areas. We will debate the injunctions and tug of war between protecting constitutional rights of the individuals and the safety of the community.

In that same vein, we examine the battle heating between Apple and the FBI. The government wants Apple to build a back door into its iPhone in order to assist the FBI in getting into the phone of one of the San Bernadino terrorists. Apple’s stance has caused backlash from members of law enforcement who say that Apple, Google and other tech companies are violating their moral duties as a company. The caustic language from those in law enforcement highlight the incredible tension building between privacy and national security.

We will also look at the latest developments in the case of Shannon Miles, the accused murderer of Deputy Darren Goforth; as well as the State Bar taking action against Texas AG Ken Paxton and upholding its disbarment of former Burleson County DA Charles Sebesta. Join us this week with our guests Abigail Anastasio and Paul Morgan.

About Jimmy Ardoin

Jimmy Ardoin is criminal and civil lawyer practicing predominately in federal courts both in Texas and across the country. You can find out more about Jimmy at his website, and you can follow him on Twitter @jimmyardoin.