Who are the Harris County Criminal Lawyers?

We are the largest local criminal defenses bar in the U.S. with more than 700 active members engaged in the defense of citizens accused.

Our Mission Is to Assist, Support, and Protect the Criminal Defense Practitioner in the Zealous Defense of Individuals and Their Constitutional Rights. It Is Further Our Mission to Educate and Inform the General Public Regarding the Administration of Criminal Justice and the Need for an Independent, Ethical, and Professional Criminal Defense Bar.

Collectively, our voice is strong and loud and helping to shape the criminal justice system in Harris County and surrounding counties.

Through public awareness, we aim to make our system more just and fair. We strive to report and combat abuses by those involved in the system from law enforcement on the streets to the courtrooms and our judiciary. As defense lawyers, we are the last stand between the government and the accused. Protecting the constitutional rights of one person at a time, we ensure that all citizens share constitutional protections.

For years, HCCLA has hosted a weekly call-in show through Houston Media Source: live Thursdays from 8-9pm. Currently, our hosts are Jimmy Ardoin and Julio “JV” Vela.

Jimmy and Julio work hard to bring you entertaining guests and some of the current events that affect and shape our criminal justice system. When necessary, they help expose the injustice within.

Each week you can join us for live streaming at Houston MediaSource. Or, check your local cable channel and join the conversation at 8:30p by calling us @713.807.1794 or tweet us @hccla_tv.

Additionally, you can view past episodes on our website (HCCLA.TV) and our HCCLA Reasonable Doubt YouTube Channel.

On the HCCLA Reasonable Doubt Facebook Page you will also find clips from our episodes which breakdown current events.

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Special thanks to our behind the scenes producers and volunteers who make this happen every week: Thuy Le, Justin Harris, and Mark Pirtle.

For information or comments, email us!

To learn more about HCCLA, visit the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association website.

About JoAnne Musick

JoAnne Musick is a criminal, juvenile and family lawyer and is board certified in both criminal and juvenile law. She is a two-time past president of HCCLA (the only president to serve two terms) and is active in many legal organizations including TCDLA. JoAnne is also a regular contributor at Fault Lines, HCCLA, and her own blog. Catch up with her on social media @joannemusick.