Why wake up every day as a criminal defense attorney?

Why give your life’s passion, effort, and due diligence to a field that has such a high rate of burnout, substance abuse, and turnover?

Why continue to work for clients that might disrespect you, underappreciate you, and try to pay you less than what you’re worth?

Why deal with prosecutors or judges that are unreasonable, and sometimes unwilling to work with you, when you’re trying to reach an amicable result on cases?

Why come out of law school as a solo practitioner, and not go work at the District Attorney’s office?

Because you learn to love it.

You learn to appreciate the little things about each day, as cliché as it may sound. You learn to appreciate waiting on the elevators at the Harris County Courthouse, and the small relationships you make each day with court staff, and other attorneys. You learn to appreciate the frustrations that inevitably arise in each case, and learn how to work around some of the unworkable people in the courthouse. You learn to cherish the gift of being self-employed, even though you might have to put in extra hours other people might normally not have to do.

About Tillet J Mills II

As a recent graduate from the University of Missouri-Columbia law school, Attorney Tillet J. Mills II has dedicated his legal practice to the defense of men and women facing a wide range of criminal matters. Since moving to Harris County recently, he has remained committed to helping his clients secure the best outcomes possible. With a public speaking background, a long-documented history of charity work, and a relatable personality, Tillet J Mills II has the skillset of a successful criminal defense lawyer.

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